The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British crown dependency centrally located in the Irish Sea between England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

We have our own government, laws and currency, but are inextricably linked to the United Kingdom through our shared history, community bonds and economic partnerships with the City of London.

We are proud to be located in a leading international business centre renowned for innovation, professionalism and a long-standing policy of positive engagement with international initiatives and standards.

The Isle of Man provides a gateway to other international business centres, most significantly the City of London, and is a positive contributor to the global economy.

Enjoying a diverse and progressive economy, our Island has earned its credentials in the top-tier of finance centres; as an OECD “white-listed” jurisdiction for transparency, and for its compliance with IMF, FATF and EU regulations.

The Isle of Man’s support for the Small Countries Financial Management Programme allows developing nations, including from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific and Indian Ocean Regions, to benefit from our collective financial expertise.

Developed in conjunction with the World Bank, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the Small States Network for Economic Development, it is an approach which chimes with our own business ethos of helping the communities in which we operate.

Clearwater supports a number of charities in emerging regions such as Africa and in Eastern Europe. This has led to the provision of fresh water wells or “roofs over heads” and has helped to bring about a dramatic improvement in the lives of many.

In a world where change seems to be more rapid than ever and with global implications, we are particularly successful in providing sustainable solutions, which stand the test of time and tide.

Our business is all about relationships; we cherish our clients and have carefully curated our network of experts and professional advisors who help us to remain fiercely independent.

Whether specialists in tax, law, banking or investments, Clearwater’s network provides our clients with advice which is both impartial and integrates seamlessly with our broader solutions.

Above all we enjoy the support and offer the advantages of being based in one of the world’s best regulated and forward-thinking jurisdictions… the Isle of Man.

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