Clearwater’s Code of Ethics
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Clearwater’s Code of Ethics

Clearwater embraces high ethical standards of business and professional conduct in our dealings with all our stakeholders; employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and the community.

Care for Customers

  • we adopt principles of fairness, professionalism and courtesy in all of our dealings with customers
  • we treat all customers equally, regardless of their race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion or ethnicity
  • we deal promptly and efficiently with complaints

Care for Employees

  • we do not discriminate against employees, including on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion and ethnicity
  • we adopt equal opportunity policies
  • we provide safe and comfortable working conditions
  • we observe all relevant health and safety regulations
  • we offer employees encouragement and opportunities for training and personal development
  • we remunerate employees fairly and provide equitable terms of employment

Care for Suppliers

  • we agree terms of business with suppliers that are equitable
  • we pay suppliers promptly in accordance with the terms of business agreed with them
  • we work sympathetically with suppliers to overcome short-term supply or delivery problems
  • where appropriate, we encourage suppliers to embrace ethical principles in the operation of their own businesses

Care for the Community

  • we treat all members of the public with courtesy and respect
  • we act responsibly and ethically with due respect for the impact of our business upon the wider community (such as upholding advertising standards, human rights and animal welfare)
  • we comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing our business

Care for the Environment

  • we minimize the environmental impact of our business operations
  • we take all reasonable steps to avoid polluting the environment
  • we take due care in the disposal of our waste
  • where practical, we support local and national recycling initiatives


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