Clearwater’s Vision, Mission and Quality
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Vision, Mission and Quality

Clearwater’s Vision is for our clients’ to say:

“Appointing Clearwater is the best business decision we ever made”

Clearwater’s Mission Statement is:

“To nurture prosperity through developing long-term relationships achieved by valuing and working with our staff and our clients”

Clearwater’s Quality Objective is:

“To create trusted advisor status by providing outstanding client service founded on excellent technical knowledge”

Achievement of Vision, Mission and Quality is supported by Clearwater’s Purpose of Policies:

  •  To convey the organisation’s mission and enable execution of its strategy
  •  To ensure that employees clearly understand expectations and consequences
  •  To influence employee behaviour and decision-making
  •  To create a positive and respectful workplace
  •  To foster credibility and trust with customers and business partners
  •  To improve productivity and business performance
  •  To meet all legal and regulatory standards required to operate
  •  To protect the organisation, it’s people, and its reputation
  •  To mitigate risk
  •  To prevent, detect, and respond to criminal conduct


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